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INTRINSIC Quality in Product is Achieved and Tested by Adopting and Consistently Following the Established procedures and norms which is Emphasized in the Quality policy.There are Separate Quality control and quality Assurance Departments headed by competent qualified and experienced personnel.  Quality Control Department is effectively involved in the following Activities:To Sample Analyze and Release and Reject of each Batch.  To Release or Reject Semi- Finished Product.  To Release or Reject packaging and labeling Materials and the final containers in which Drugs are to be packed.  To Release or Reject Each Batch of Finished Product that is ready for Distribution.  To Evaluate the Quality and Ability of the Finished Products, and Semi Finished Products The Pharmaceutical products are manufactured, packed and tested in a way that takes account of the Requirements of ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practices’.

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We are well known for our Advanced Technology known as “BIOSYS” Technology. This technology is Highly Advanced over the Conventional Dosage form where frequent dosing is required for a patient. In case of some drugs this technology not only reduces the chances of forgetting doses but Even Reduces the quantity of Dose. What is BIOSYS Technology ? It is a unique Drug Delivery Technology which undergoes various technical procedure & processes. A. The BIOSYS technology is a Special Technology developed by GENFO BIOCEUTICALS PVT LTD. B. By virtue of the BIOSYS TECHNOLOGY, the release pattern of the drug is independent of PH as well as the food intake. C. The Technology offers the Uniform Dispersion of the Mironised particles thus offering greater absorption area pertaining to increased bioavailability. Most importantly from the Manufacturing as well as the clinical point of view, BIOSYS CR System Tablets has many inherent advantages: A. Material used in the tablets is approved worldwide. B. Confer high degree of stability on the finished products. C. The released characteristics’ are independent of the compression pressure used during manufacturing. D. The relative insensitivity of this preparation to punch pressure. BIOSYS TECHNOLOGY is Undoubtfully a superior drug release pattern as the Technology Promises to take care of all the three aspects i.e.: A. Dissolution    : Disollution of Biochemical layers. B. Diffusion        : Diffusion of Active drug from microforce of layers. C. Dispersion      : Dispersion of Released Drug in a micronised form with a particle size of less than 10 microns. D. Delivery         : That metabolised drug delivers fast.  Rationale behind BIOSYS TECHNOLOGY: A. High flexibility in choice of release rates. B. BIOSYS System is Applicable to Broad range of drugs. C. High loading of active substance. D. Offer Excellent patient Acceptance E. Scored tablets. F. High Reproducibility of the release rates.

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