GENFO BIOCEUTICALS PVT LTD... Is a Well known Indian Pharmaceutical Company from SouthIndia Established in the year 2006, With an Aspiration to Serve the Medical Fraternity, Being Professionally Managed by the Team of Professionals with proven track record and promoted By Leading Industrial House of India. The company is currently Engaged in the Manufacturing And Marketing of Formulations Related to GYNAECOLOGY & INFERTILITY, CARDIAC & DIABETOLOGY, NEUROLOGY, GENERAL SURGERY, ORTHOPEDICS, PULMONOLOGY AND GASTROENTEROLOGY. The Formulations are Ethically Promoted to Around 20,000 Doctors by well Trained Field Force of 250 Representatives and Managers. The Company also has Broad Coverage of Retailers and Distributor. We at GENFO BIOCEUTICALS PVT LTD thrive for the commitments to health care services, .We are Manufacturing STATE OF ART BIOSYSTAMIC CONTROL RELEASED Products through Unique Drug Delivery System Providing quick Relief to Patients. This is a Specialized Technology of IncOrporating Molecules which Have short Half-life, for sustained and effective results.

Some of the formulations in this unique drug delivery system includes following molecules.